Your goals are YOUR goals.

 It’s fine to re-assess them.


We all need goals.  They keep us motivated, they keep us working, and they feel great when we achieve them.


It can be easy, though, to focus so much on a goal, that – even when we realise it’s maybe not quite what we need or want – we beat ourselves up until we achieve it.  Which doesn’t always feel so great.


A post on this, just because a couple of conversations recently made me think that sometimes – just sometimes – we need to remember not to be afraid to change our goals on the way to achieving one we’ve already set.


For me, I’m always changing my mind on what I want to achieve in the gym – a bigger butt, more defined shoulders, a better back – but I am certain about one thing.  I want to be STRONG and HEALTHY in body and mind.  So whatever goal I’m trying to achieve at the time, I’m contributing to my overall fitness and health, whether or not I change my mind on the exact goal in the process.


So what I’m currently working on is balancing my training between:

·         Being badass at bodyweight by trying to achieve muscle ups (without the resistance band – and I will get there!)

·         Being Queen of the Treadmill Sprints, looking like Bain in my altitude mask and scaring half the gym (although they’re used to my crazy ways now – and that’s what my lungs need to keep healthy, functioning, and most importantly, keeping me alive!)

·         And of course, lifting heavy-ass weighs at the machine because it’s all about building that booty and crating new PBs!


If you choose to change a goal, IT IS NOT A FAIL. It’s just a refocus towards something you’re more passionate about.  And to work out what you’re passionate about?  It’s the thing you’ll do anything to achieve – like when I set out to climb Mount Kilimanjaro (a blog post on that small mountain coming soon!).  Small steps along the way will help you realise what you’re truly passionate about and what you truly want to achieve, and if you need to change direction in your goals to do this, that’s fine.


We change our minds all the time in life, and it’s ok to do this in the gym.  However, we shouldn’t make a habit of it or use it as an excuse not to train a particular body part!  It’s about being honest with yourself.


Because, after all, YOU are the only competition you have – not the girl or guy on the other side of the gym.  They have their own journey and you have yours.


So don’t compare yourself to others or what they’re doing.  Focus on you and your goals.  What truly matters is what you are doing to achieve that goal, to be happy and confident, to work towards that person you want to be and to learn to love your body (more on this soon!).  So be honest with yourself – you don’t have to answer to others!

Sophie xx