11 easy ways to keep your motivation up in the winter

Of course not to wish the rest of summer away.. but preparation is key!

In my last blog post, I explained why short-term quick fixes for a summer body don’t work, and why the best way to get that summer body you want is to start training in winter.

Ok, I know those early mornings in the cold aren’t always attractive, so just in case you need a little motivation, here are some top tips to keep you on track with your training!

1.      Buy new kit: Treat yourself to some new gym clothes – it’ll make you excited to get them on and get training, and you’ll feel goooo-oooood!

2.      Try something new: Sign up for some new classes to keep things different – Bokwa anyone…?

3.      Train with others: Get others involved to keep you accountable to your training plan – either a personal trainer, friends or family – which won’t only keep you more committed to your new regime (there’s nothing like some good old peer pressure to keep you on track!) but it’ll also make it sociable and fun.

4.      Ditch the scales – buy a tape measure: Never focus on the number on the scales – take measurements instead.  Believe me – I weigh 10kg more than I used to due to muscle increase, and my clothes size hasn’t changed in that time.  I’m stronger, happier and healthier, but if I’d just focused on the scales, I could have got demotivated a long time ago!

5.      Don’t starve: If you feel hungry, eat – but make the right choices.  It’s not an excuse for a chocolate bar every time you need a snack…

6.      Mix things up: If you’re getting bored with your training, don’t stop – try new things to keep your interest up.

7.      Get organised: Schedule your workouts and write them into your calendar, so you always make time for them – and remember to do them!

8.      Have fun in the kitchen: Make a New Year’s resolution to master a new healthy recipe once/twice/three times etc. a month.  You’ll get a sense of pride AND enjoy eating it!

9.      Think ‘healthy body, healthy mind’: Remember all the good you’re doing not only to your physical health, but also your mental health.  This is especially important for people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), but we can all benefit from the ‘feel good’ buzz we get from physical activity, helping us get through those dark mornings and evenings and keeping us feeling strong and motivated!

10.  Enjoy winter treats with less of the guilt: Mmm, hot chocolate, mince pies, mulled wine (well actually, Christmas in general!) – winter is the cosy season of comfort food.  The good news is that if you’re training hard, you really can enjoy a few of those treats while cuddling up in front of your favourite films, without the guilt.

11.  Keep thinking of that summer body: Every time you hit the gym, go for that run, or get in that pool, you’re one step closer to that summer body you want, and you’re building the foundations to get on that beach with confidence!

Sophie xx