5 Top Tips to keep on track while on Holiday

So we all love a holiday don't we, I mean who wouldn't? But if you're like me, the gym wear and trainers are always the first to go in determined to keep training and use my surroundings to get inspired for new workouts (and also good for exploring!) before totally indulging in all the traditional food (for me, just landing from south west France, all the bread, cheese and wine...oh and Gin with a dash of elderflower!) as when on holiday, I don't want to hold back - abs will be a thing of the past and that is perfectly OK!

Many of my clients worry that by leaving their strict routines for a week or so they will be back to square one but I can assure you this isn't the case you won't lose those precious gains that fast!! It's about finding the balance of enjoying yourself (missing out while on holiday just isn't an option!) and making sure you still feel good in your bikini or dress. 

So I am going to share my top 5 tips to keep on track while totally enjoying your holiday.

  • Pack that workout gear and do your best to fit in a 20 minute workout every day or every other but don't stress if you don't manage as often as you intend because rest is also so important. 
  • Keep as active as you can by exploring, swimming in the sea or pool, playing games or trying new things like water sports or hiking.
  • Don't feel guilty for indulging, you're allowed to every so often as life's way too short not to (I know this is a huge thing that used to get me, working in the fitness industry I felt pressured to keep lean which is so silly but I've learnt it's OK to enjoy food without feeling guilty that isn't part of your usual daily intake. Your body won't change that fast!! New blog coming soon on how I overcame this). But also know if you are throwing in a workout or keeping active in the day you are still keeping yourself ticking over. Have fun with it by using your surroundings!
  •  Choose lighter options at lunch or breakfast as for me it's always the dinners and desserts I get too excited about and I'm happy sticking to my eggs and oats for my other meals. Also in the heat I don't always get hungry for big meals at those times.
  • Keep that water intake high as thirst is sooo often misread for hunger and also if you're somewhere hot you'll need to replenish your sodium levels too via some electrolytes or a tiny bit of salt - especially if you are training.

Holidays are there to be enjoyed in every aspect and actually being away from your usual routine can refresh you ready to attack when you are home. 

So, don't stress if you don't workout as much as you indented or if you really enjoy yourself with all the food because once you are home in your usual routine you'll be straight back where you left and you may even find your first session back you might grab a PB or two!!

Life is for living and enjoying - don't lose 95% of your happiness for 5% less weight!

Sophie xx