Why I decided to blog…

So I have had a lot of questions as to why I decided to embark on this new project to start my own blog. I am passionate about sharing my journey in the hope that I can empower, inspire and motivate others to achieve the unbelievable, to challenge themselves to do the things that both excite and scare them and to show that the ordinary person can be extraordinary.

Life is for living, exploring, and simply doing those things however big or small that make you happy, make you feel alive and make you thrive.

My motto in life is a that you can achieve absolutely anything if you have the courage to pursue it, a quote by Walt Disney.  Through the struggle of growing up with a life threatening lung condition, lots of medication, hospital visits and all sorts of tests (in which I may add, I don't know any different so to me everything I have to do is part of my usual routine) I am determined be the best I can be in all areas of my life.  CF will never define me but it truly has made me the person I am and I am in fact very thankful for it, although to most this will be hard to comprehend. Being thankful for something that statically means my life expectancy is 40 years old. But I like to reassure you I will never give up and believe I will still be darting about, adventuring, and throwing myself at what life has to offer until I am at least 87…the power of the mind is the incredible remember that!!

This brings me onto another topic I am going to be adding into my blog, I will be documenting and being more open and honest about my Cystic Fibrosis.  There are a few reasons, I want to bring hope to others, including patients, parents, families and friends to show although CF is a truly devastating and simply awful degenerative condition that frankly no words can describe how heartbreaking this condition can be because I have learnt through losing friends before the age of 25 that so many young people with CF who sadly lose their fight are also some one of most beautiful, strong and inspiring people out there. 

But I also want to show that there is also another side and if you an get the recipe right you can live life to the absolute fullest, and this is the side I hope I can bring to light because of course I have my days of not feeling so well BUT 99% of the time I forget I even have CF because I have created a life that means my health is better than it ever has been, I am fit, strong and I have learnt to connect and listen to what my body needs, whether it be rest, change up of training or more spoonfuls of peanut butter.

I also hope I can inspire others that you can overcome any hurdle that life throws at you even if the odds are against you whether it be health related, work, heartache, life stresses, absolutely anything. All it takes is the will to never give up, positive mindset and the will to overcome to achieve, grow as a person out of that comfort zone and be extraordinary!

I am also going to be launching YouTube in the next few weeks - I have been doing lots of secret filming. I am going to be blogging all about different parts of my life, about me and the things you may not know, my love for nut butters and food, my adventures, challenges,  and updates about my Cystic Fibrosis including hospital appointments, down days and good days.  I will also be filming workouts whether it be strength and conditioning, HIIT, CF specific session.  I will also be doing Q&A’s so if there is anything you would like to see or know about please contact me I would love to know: info@sophiegraceholmes.com

I am going to be as open and honest as I can be, I want this to real, the real me and show you who I truly am so there may be times of absolute excitement to times of emotion as life is a rollercoaster and without the down times you never truly appreciate or strive for the outstanding, unforgettable times and may I add, those times show you what you are made, how strong you and can lead you down the most unexpected but incredible path so be thankful for the struggle for they are the ones that make you do things life climb Mount Kilimanjaro - blog coming soon about my time on the mountain and one year on!

I am a woman on a mission - watch this space.. 

Sophie xx