You need to love yourself first!

You need to love yourself first before anything you decide to change anything in your life. This includes; deciding to get fit, chasing after your dream job, creating your dream life or meeting your dream partner.

If you tie your happiness to a goal like ‘once I have lost weight’ or ‘once I have that new job’ you will then find a new goal to achieve to try and find your happiness and tying your happiness to this will mean you will constantly be searching. This leads to a vicious cycle or never truly being satisfied with yourself, your body and your life

Remember this:

You are so much more than aesthetics or what you look like and don’t let social media take over. Scrolling through Instagram comparing yourself isn’t the answer, those people are human too and an images can be deceptive – these things will fade and also focusing too much on these will make you unhappy.  People love you for who you are not what you look like or how your abs look. They love you for YOU not your appearance. Self-love is much more achievable once you put values into personality rather than appearance.  Being yourself, and not being afraid to do so is the first step to achieving self-love.

Love your imperfections. No one is perfect and corrr nor would I want to be – how boring would that be! These make you unique and actually, ‘perfect’ leaves no room for growing as a person or change (which can be a good thing so embrace it, no one is the same person as they were a year ago or even yesterday!)

Every person has floors, down days, slip ups and rejection even me. When looking back at these times I am so thankful for them too as not only have they taught me something, so I have learnt from them, grown, and changed as a person, for the better (and so has my life, even taking huge steps I never thought I would or had even crossed my mind, meaning you are taken down paths better than your mind can imagine)! 

Your flaws do not define you. What matters is how you respond to them. If you can’t love them, learn to accept them. We are all perfectly imperfect and that way we are meant to be. Trust me!

Self-love and self-belief are two very powerful things. If you start to love yourself, you start to believe in yourself and that is extremely powerful. Once you are confident in who you are, and your beliefs you really can achieve anything you put your mind to. I have been there, even proved the doubters wrong and believed in myself so strongly that others now do to. Of course, I still have doubts as I am only human, BUT the thing to remember is, always go back to the roots of what you truly believe.  This will give you the strength to get up time and time again after rejection or failure and this will lead to long term success. So, never give up!

Loving yourself is perfectly OK. Don’t ever let anyone think otherwise. Why wouldn’t you want to love and care for yourself? To me that’s logical! Break that mould, because those who criticise just shows a lack of self-love or confidence in themselves. SO when you walk out of that front door tomorrow, be positive, proud, and confident and know you are going to achieve great things – you may even make yourself proud. Walk with a spring in your step and don’t let others pessimistic or negative views allow that to chance.

Most of the time I am a happy, chatty, confident person, bouncing around with excitement but of course I like everyone am human so self-doubt does creep in and at times we all need that little reminder - be mindful of self-love and practice it – you are doing the best you can so give yourself a break, and its OK to also have a down day but use that to your advantage if you can and importantly then be sure to pick yourself back up!

Sophie xx