5 ways I switch off from a busy non-stop lifestyle

I get asked a lot what I do to switch off because I am forever living at 100mph (I am not complaining about this!) either darting around London training clients, heading to shoots, going for coffee or heading to meetings or zooming around back at home between gyms, meetings, filming and clients. My days are full on, starting usually at 4.45am and ending at 10pm.

But rest and relaxation is key to a number of things;

1.       Actually being able to function on a daily basis. Basic life essentials here guys!

2.       Recovery is important for training as without that you won’t be able to progress or train as hard as you would like. Rest is where the magic happens.

3.       You need YOU time, it’s so important and learning to be ok in your own company is also key.

4.       You will actually also learn to enjoy your everyday life more because you can be present in the moment rather than living for the next because so often that is where you will find your mind wandering to – it’s about enjoying this very second, focus on the now and living for today as tomorrow will come. This subject will require a whole blog post which I will put up in the next couple of weeks.

5.       The importance of a healthy work-life balance also needs to be recognised, this is something I am working on. I am not the best with this I will admit but I am getting better.

I will also be very honest, I thrive on being busy, living a fast paced life with lots of different areas of work which is great, I love what I do which is why I find myself working a lot – it doesn’t feel like work. I find I am more productive, motivated and inspired this way. I am very passionate about all areas of my career and wanting to push myself to be the best I can while working towards bigger aspirations, but I find it very hard to switch off partly because of fear that if I slow down too much everything will fall apart, which in reality, it won’t! This is why we need to also learn to be rational about things. I am learning how to do all this and I am enjoying my life in a different way as I do what I love everyday anyway!

So, how do I actually switch off away from work and my mind before it’s too late and I come up with another idea or goal I want to achieve (this is a forever growing list!)

1.       Baking, believe it or not. I love to make food (and eat!!), so cooking could come under this too. I love just putting on a playlist, getting all my ingredients out and coming up with a delicious new creation or baking an old favourite. All of my friends, family and clients are always benefitting from my moments of madness in the kitchen.

2.       I have recently got back into reading – even just for 10 or so minutes. I will do a blog soon on all my favourites, they are all to do with self-development, how to fulfil your potential and better yourself as well as self-love, confidence and happiness. I love understanding how the mind works, it fascinates me. These books change the way you think for the better and actually being an extremely positive and determined person anyway these have helped me to grow and realise who I am, what I want to achieve and how I can do it with the right mind-set, learning from experiences (both good and bad) and embracing change.

3.       Listening to a chilled playlist and lighting a candle – putting my phone and Ipad on flight mode so I can’t be distracted and turning off my laptop. Trust me, it’s so lovely to switch off this way and just tuning into the music and cosy lighting and being happy in your own company. Even just for a little while. It brings you back to who you are rather than always being manic and keeping up with Instagram (I love social media, if used right it’s so powerful and a positive tool but we all need time away)

4.       Going for a walk without my phone – especially if I am lucky enough to catch sunset. At the end of a manic day of working it’s just so nice to be able to leave all forms of communication at home and go for a stroll along the beach for a while watching the sun go down or in a park. Try it, find somewhere you can find peace and just be quiet (which is hard for me). I also enjoy doing this with friends and actually engaging with them.

5.       Being social! Coffee dates, drinks with friends or new experiences and challenges - My phone will always be put on flight mode so I am not distracted and so I can totally enjoy being present in the moment and in their company listening to everything they are saying, giving them my full attention.  Oh and, yes climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is included here, in the middle of nowhere on a mountain, with beautiful surroundings, fantastic company and no phone signal, absolute bliss! I do miss that feeling, it’s so liberating! Bring on the next challenge I say.

It’s too easy to constantly check your phone or social media in the world we are in now where quite frankly, the world wouldn’t go round without technology or the internet. It’s quite a scary thought isn’t it? But for me, especially being self-employed my phone, Ipad or laptop is my business – it’s always going off so being disciplined and making sure I find the time is essential as it’s too easy just keep going. I do have to book it in my diary like I do my other work as then it will happen and ensure I get that R&R.

Make sure you invest time into thinking about what helps you relax and then put it into practice. Trust me, you won’t look back – you will also wonder how you ever did without these moments of peace.


Sophie x