New year, New Me? NO..

New Year, Improved me! I love the girl I've fought to become. 

So it would be a lie if we said we didn't have things to improve on. I mean, that's the beauty of it, I know I do. We can always strive to be better than the person we are today. Taking those baby steps is what counts. Firstly, it’s about learning it love the bits of us we look in the mirror and pick on and rather punishing ourselves to become better, and enjoying the journey getting there. Especially, in a world where social media tries to dictate how we are supposed to look, what we should eat and how we should lead our lives. Never let it stop being you!! 

Taking away from appearance for a moment. Let's talk mindset. I am a naturally very upbeat, positive person who will always look for the best people, situations and whatever life decides to throw at us. I truly believe every cloud has a silver lining. Without having the sad or bad times in life we wouldn't appreciate the exciting, happy times. Think of it this way. Sometimes, we focus on self improvements through negative situations. Granted not always, naturally the good things also motivate and push us to achieve even more. But, for example, we go through a break up... Most of us push it harder in our lives, work or especially in the gym because it makes us feel good and also gives us confidence as well as the aesthetic side. (Although this also works if you met someone who was in cracking shape and successful. It would motivate me in all areas of my life to kick ass!!). If make an effort every day to appreciate what you have as well as starting it with a positive thought, postive changes start to happen leading to a postive life. Trust me..

This year for me is about being thankful for my life and self improvement. There are a couple of reasons; I have lost a lot of friends over the years to CF - life is so precious and as much as I work hard to keep well I am also very lucky to be so well and living / building a life I love, I also lost the biggest part of my life 6 months ago (28 July 2016), my rock, my best friend, the guy who would wipe up my tears but also make me laugh, who brought me nearly 10 years of joy, a lifetime of cherished memories and I deeply miss him, heart ache like no other and even writing a few sentences about him makes tears roll down my cheeks because he was my world, my escape… Sounds like the perfect man right? Otis he always will be the one horse that changed my life, the one who believed in me and made me realise how strong I am. If you have a horse or an animal you have had an unbelievable, unbreakable, strong connection with where you can tell what each other are thinking. You will know what I mean, especially when you lose them suddenly.  

Turning this very sad time on its head (not to forget as I never will) but to see my loss as an opening of a new door, new opportunities that perhaps I wouldn’t have been able to pursue other wise. I will announcing a big one next Sunday which I am so excited about. But you have to believe everything happens for a reason.. there has always been on for me when there have been hard times. 

 So that brings me in to my 7 goals I have set myself. I wanted to take time to really think about what I wanted for this year as there has been a lot of things happening, amazing things, hence why I did not stare until now. 

  1. To focus on improving my flexibility and mobility as much as I do my training. I will put my hand up and say I slack on this… due to 'lack of time' no! Its about making time and putting in the effort. Also, improving these will also aid your strength and conditioning work in the gym as it will improve your ROM (range of motion!) which will have a massive effect on your progress and will also prevent injury!! I also find it relaxing too so mentally time to switch off for a while from our fast paced lives!
  2. To be more grateful for what I have, my family and friends. I am extremely lucky. Sometimes we take for granted what we have while working for what we want. Especially my wonderful mum and dad who do so much for me. So if you're reading this. I love you both to pieces and thank you for always putting up with me, believing in me and encouraging me and my crazy ideas which leave you worried sick, but I hope proud. It's about making time for these people and making memories. Never regret the time you failed to make for people. You will miss otherwise.
  3. I also want to educate myself even more, I love learning and want to make more time for it. I find the human body fascinating, how it works and what it does. I also want to gain a nutrition qualification as coming from me who has digestive issues due to my CF I am always trying to learn more about how nutrition affects the body and delving further into health and fitness especially health conditions, and functional anatomy. I thrive on gaining new knowledge and sharing it as well as learning about self development.  
  4. I am going to focus on self care. I will admit I am always putting others first or working too hard. I am going to put my health first a little more. You may think I am I mad and you probably think I always practise what I preach. I am human and sometimes I get carried away in the whirlwind of life. Sometimes I miss my medications, I don't train as much as I wish, eat as well as I want or sleep enough. I am going to make a conscious effort to. My CF does like to remind me every so often I am superwoman and can't always take on the world. 
  5. To do more of what makes me happy. I work 6 days a week, so I am going to try reduce this down to 5 so I can have more time doing what I love, spending time with those who makes me happy and enjoying my life. Basically finding that work life balance…..
  6. Learn a new skill.. for me this will be on a board. I would love to be able to wakeboard and snowboard to a better standard. Granted I have done this before but very limited experience so for me I want to master the art because I cannot tell you how incredible it feels being out on a lake, on a board carving the water. Having said that, mastering a handstand would also be pretty cool.
  7. Go to a place I have never been before.. for me this will be visiting my big sister in Singapore later on in the year. But, if an opportunity of a long weekend adventuring a new place I wouldn’t say no.

What are your goals for 2017?

Whatever they may be, make choices that bring you peace.

Sophie xx