Why Giving up is NEVER an option

Todays post is all about the will to never giving up, including how I keep going when you feel life is against you, when it gets tough or you feel you have simply had enough. Life has a funny way of unfolding and most of the time in ways we don't understand or even want but each moment leads to another and so forth. These moments are preparing us for the big things, the extraordinary achievements, experiences or challenges we have to overcome to become that person we aspire to be. 

Sometimes we are led down paths which we don't want or understand or things happen which we don't want or expect but without struggle or uncertainty we wouldn't find greatness and it is within these times we grow and become a stronger version of ourselves. This, again prepares you for even more, for the grand plan I like to think. I do believe we all have a sole purpose or a number of them, something we are meant for.

Each time I look back at a struggle, I am actually thankful.  There is always a decision I have made or an achievement that I have accomplished that are life changing. For example, I fell unwell and was admitted into hospital for 2-3 weeks on an intensive medication and physiotherapy regime with a lot of uncertainty of my future. You may not see it or even believe I have a life threatening progressive condition (as most of the time I even forget myself) but CF is a constant battle from the moment I wake up to when I snuggle up at night - I am doing a YouTube Video about what I have to do on a day to day basis to keep alive soon to bring in the reality of the condition (not because I want pity just to raise awareness - I am actually very thankful as its made me, me!!!) especially as on social media even though I am real, there's a lot that isn't seen which I will be bringing to the table more and more.

I hope others can relate with CF or other things you may have going on - life isn't exciting the whole time. To bring it back to the truth as to why I am never going to give up is this. Sitting wired up to machines unsure of my future is what set my determination and strong will on fire, that teeth gritting moment to try harder and to change my life around. It is also when my bucket list was created because I did not want my life to look like this - I had a choice and a chance to make that change and by that I mean I did not want what was in front of me, endless amounts of needles, tablets, bronchoscopies, hospitals etc. I am well and look the picture of health but that's the problem, things are not always the way they seem and you may never know when I am unwell. There are words I will never ever forget because they are the fuel to my fire, proving him wrong and defying science was, and is my mission.  I keep these close to remind myself to not stop or give up as even I have those times of having enough of battling on then I realise there is living to be done. As I lay there terrified like a rabbit in headlights with my parents with hope that I would receive good news, a consultant who I wont name came and spoke words I am not sure how anyone who take let alone a 19 year old girl. ‘Sophie, we are doing our best but I think you need to start accepting you are on that slippery slope that eventually all patients with Cystic Fibrosis reach. You are not superwoman you can't fight this forever. It gets the better of everyone’. By that he meant, declining health and eventually ending on the transplant list praying for a donor.

At that moment I made a decision, the moment I was feeling rock bottom to dig deeper and to turn my life around by retraining as as Personal Trainer, educating myself on health and fitness and it was the best decision I have ever made - I absolutely love being in this industry as I am constantly educating myself and I am fitter, happier, healthier and stronger. Since then, I made it my mission to keep challenging and pushing myself (knowing my limits but always exceeding in order to stay well). The human body is extraordinary with what it does for us, we can learn a lot by being in tune with it and with that I try my best to nourish it.

Don’t get me wrong, its not all been rosy. I have had other periods of time where I again hit my lowest with health and personal circumstances but you can either let it defy you or use the situation as a positive. Me, I am naturally a positive person and want to live life, therefore, every cloud has a silver lining. 

Another example, I am known for making big decisions and take risks to do life changing things off the back of harder times, the last time; I booked and summited Mount Kilimanjaro in October 2015 even though the odds of me making it were very low (with only 1 other person with CF reaching the ever because of the altitude!!). But I wasn't ever going to leave Africa until I did and I even did a few burpees up there. You are stronger than you realise. It's your mind you have to convince. 

You always have a choice; either to keep going or to give up. Now, I am not sure about you but giving up would feel pretty rubbish so, that leaves one option. Yes, life is tough, it can be unfair but remember just because you aren't where you want to be now doesn't mean you won't be soon. Have courage to pursue what you truly want, regardless of the opinion of others. Never judge as you have no idea really what everyone else is going through.  This is your life. There is also another thing to think about. That is this; if you don't get what you want, it wasn't meant for you anyway and this is because there is greater out there for you. Set you goals so high you have to grow as a person to achieve them and only ever look back to see how far you have come.

So what do I do when I have those moments of uncertainty:

  1. I do something that I love, something therapeutic for that instant feel good factor.
  2. Set a mini goal to get to that big goal.
  3. Probably have a spoonful of Nutella or PNB.
  4. See my friends or people who inspire me, give me a spring in my step - surrounding yourself with the right people is essential - get rid of any negativity.
  5. Write a list (I do love a list) of things I am thankful or lucky to have.
  6. Remember WHY I am on this journey, that's important.

Last words of wisdom:

If you fail, NEVER GIVE UP. Fail means First Attempt in Learning. End is not the end. Effort Never Dies. If you get NO as an answer remember it means Next Opportunity.  Good things come to those who believe and who are patient while working hard and never giving up.

Sophie x x