Tattoos… I blaaady LOVE them.

I get a lot of messages asking about my tattoos so I am going to do a quick blog about each of them and why I decided on them. I am a huge fan but I will only get something that symbolises a time in my life or something i believe in/feel strongly about.

From a teenager I always wanted a tattoo and much to my parents uncertainty they granted me permission to go and get my first one at 18 with my cousin (who also loves them!) and they do get so addictive that there is always something else I want due to personal achievement or even something that has happened in my life. I dated a Tattooist for 2 years so I am surprised I only have 7.


  1. Horse shoe on my hip - growing up being horse obsessed and shared the passion with my cousin and my grandad was a Saddler. I always wanted one but whats so special about it - its hand drawn by someone who made a massive impact on my life when growing up.
  2. LAS symbol on my left ankle - hardly seen but means the world. Both my sisters have the same and mum - its all of our initials (Lucy, Anna & Sophie)
  3. Poppy left rib - two reasons why this is so special, one, my sister Anna has the exact same tattoo and its for my grandad who we were lucky enough to grow up with - he was so special to us, truly wonderful man. We used to call him Poppa, and poppies remind us of him.
  4. Rose, left hip around the horseshoe - Read this story and you will understand
  5. Feather on my right hip - I absolutely love the symbolic meaning - freedom to follow your passions, inspire and travel; physically, mentally and spiritually.
  6. Left rib below my poppy - this was actually a cover up, I had the words ‘Every breath counts, Keep on Fighting’ however the ink bled so now I have 3 roses.
  7. Right foot - A couple of reasons as to why I have this tattoo. Firstly, I totally believe in this quote and live by it ‘An arrow can only be shot by pulling backward. When life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means its going to launch you into something great. So just focus and keep aiming’ and also my Best Friend has the same one.

I really want another… one for my horse who I sadly lost 10 Months ago, one to mark the achievement of Mount Kilimanjaro 18 Months ago but also perhaps something else.  Any Ideas?

Sophie xx