Adidas Original Superstars!

As you know this isn't my usual kind of post however the more I wear these the more I love them and I wear them nearly every day and so needed to share with you guys.

I'm not one who spends a lot on fashion and actually it's always my steals that get compliments, (typical!) but I love, by love, I mean a small obsession with trainers and these Adidas Original Superstar shoes I could wear all day, all night with my gym wear and a pair of ripped jeans or shorts now the sun is out. I've wanted a pair for so so long and my god they are worth the wait. They are my go to and grab shoe no matter what I am wearing!

Why do I love them so... let's talk!

  • They're super comfy and fit like a glove I range from a 4.5-5.5 in trainers (brand dependant!) but these are a size 5 and are perfect and never rubbed!
  • You can wear them with anything from a summer dress, playsuit, jeans, shorts and gym wear (or if you were me the other day, right before jumping into the serpentine in Hyde Park!). What more could you want!
  • They come in different colours although mine are white and beige (simple girl when it comes to colours, you'll hardly ever see me in brights or frills!!)
  • They will also last for years as mine still look brand new and I've worn my a hell of a lot.
  • Summer or winter... who cares you can wear these in both and perfect to take on holiday!
  • I recently spoke at BodyPower which you may know (post coming soon!) and these kicks came with me not only to travel but for dinner and to do my talk so if you're thinking of getting some just do it - trust me you will not look back!!!

Sophie xx