Goals, Goals, Goals!

Set a goal so big, that when you achieve it, you blow your own damn mind!!

So, lets chat.. Ive done previous blogs on goals but this time round I have set some non-fitness related goals.. This girl is growing up.. a little (always a kid at heart don't worry!)

A lot has been going on behind the scenes which have created some ups and downs in the world of Sophie Grace Holmes.

Some which I have shared in relation to my health which if you have been following me you will know about. Some in relation to having to relocate a lot more of my time back to home by the sea rather than London, although I am still in London a couple of days a week and some to do with expanding my career.

Sometimes I think we all get so wrapped up in exceeding in the gym, pushing limits and the world of social media and coming up with fancy exercises which I still believe all of these are fantastic. But for me right now, I am happy to keep doing as I am, keep training hard but without any goal related pressure other than to relax and actually just enjoy training for what is and reasons why I do it.  I am still training with structure as I need to get my health back in the 100’s but not gunning every single session.  And you know what, it has re-inspired me and my training and I have fallen in love with it again and that in itself will shine through into your everyday life.  Training should be a celebration of what your body can achieve and definitely not a comparison to a stranger on Instagram as this can lead to a negative mindset.

What I am talking about here is life goals, self improvement goals. Goals to ensure inner peace and happiness to create a life I dream for.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my life, the one I have made for myself over the past few years, so thankful and grateful for all the opportunities I have been given but of course as we grow, the things we want naturally change so although I am living an amazing life, there is always ways you can make it better to suit your needs and wants now not 5 years ago.

I have set 5 goals, keeping them relatively simple.

  1. Buy my own flat, by my self - something I have always wanted to do but I am going for it and have a time line for it. 
  2. Do exactly what makes me happy, not what I think I should be doing or always putting others first - I still will but I also need to keep grounded to caring for me
  3. Focus on pursuing my career in the direction I want it to expand into (share soon, don't worry I am staying in Fitness!!)
  4. Health comes first. I have let this slack, not anymore - Ive got life to live to the fullest!
  5. Get that balance back, work has taken over for various reasons but I am getting balance back slowly. Its time for a new adventure and challenge… what could it be!!

Have a think about what yours would be. I have found setting completely different and brand new goals really refreshing and I am so excited to reach them because essentially they will bring me steps closer to creating a life that will make my mind and soul happy while having adventure, challenging myself and having lots of fun with friends and family.

if you want a happy life, tie it to a goal not a person!

Sophie xx